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The New Hanse is an organisation of over 197 towns and cities across northern Europe seeking better economic, social and cultural ties in the spirit of the original Hanse League which brought great prosperity to Boston in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Six English towns and two Scottish ones are now members of the new Hanse, namely: Boston, King's Lynn, Hull, Ipswich, Great Yarmouth and Beverley, plus Edinburgh and Aberdeen. For more information about the cities and towns in the League please click here: (Link to 194 Hanseatic cities)

Boston’s historic medieval trading links once made it one of Britain’s most important ports, trading wool for dried fish, timber and furs.

Many of the town's riverfront buildings carry the design hallmark of great cities across northern Europe and many merchants chose to set up premises and live here.

With trade came greater trust and prosperity along with employment, social and cultural connections.
Boston Hanse Group is a group of enthusiastic volunteers and has become a fully constituted organisation. The group is still evolving and with help from Boston Big Local and the Arts Council intend to carry on the work it has started making more of a presence in the town and surrounding Boston Borough areas. By joining the New Hanse there are opportunities to develop tourism, commercial links for Boston businesses through Business Hanse and international links for young people through Youth Hanse.

We meet regularly at Fydell House and new members are always welcome. You can follow us on Facebook or click on the events button for the latest information regarding meetings.

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